We predict cyber-attacks 9 times out of 10!

Stay ahead of attackers as an IT Admin with Artificial Intelligence.

With your AI Co-pilot DARA

With the Cyber Insight platform, you can identify, manage and minimize security risks.
The risk assessment and the derivation of prioritized recommendations for action are based on DARA  – our AI for multifactorial risk assessment. Individual vulnerabilities and external data such as current trends or changes in the legal situation are considered and automatically integrated into assessment schemes using AI. The result is automated security assessments and concrete proposals for measures that can be used to reduce risks cost-effectively and minimize damage in advance.

  • convince your customers of IT security

  • you will receive recommendations for action – the most important thing first!

  • you avoid mistakes

  • you have everything in view

  • you will receive comprehensible analysis charts

  • you have more security for less effort

3 steps for more cyber security

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In a few steps to a comprehensive analysis

With the help of our AI, the company is analyzed for weaknesses based on data and you get an overview of your customer. Thus, you can concentrate on the implementation of the measures!



Clearer than ever

With our clear task board, you are always up to date and can manage and implement the measures identified by the AI. The AI prioritizes depending on damage potential and risk. This allows you to implement targeted measures for your customers and always offer them optimal service.

Increasing security level

With our reporting you have the security status of your customers constantly in view. This helps you to recognize trends in time and to convince your customers of necessary measures.





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Real-time notifications in the event of a high-risk situation 



DIN 27076 IT Security Consultant for SMEs 




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